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Based on Webtoon comic Ngopi, Yuk! This game is talk about a traditional coffee shop in Indonesia, specifically in Pontianak, West Borneo. What makes it unique is that, there are hundreds of coffee shops that are always filled with many people and various of generations. Coffee shops itself has philosophy.
Coffee shops is not a place to only serve foods and coffee, but it's a place to share life stories. You don't need to wear a fine outfit nor expensive one to sit in there. Wearing casuals or a comfy outfit with sandals is already enough to sip a cup of coffee. There no range limit for age, social status, profession, positions to drink coffee and share life stories to each other in a simple coffee shop.

The coffee shop's persona is based on the vibes. Without a theme, decoration nor a nature panorama for relaxing your eyes. A simple coffee shops is what makes us learn the real meaning of uniqueness.



The player act as an barista who serves any types of customers who comes in, along with making coffees as the order.

Every customers has a simple dialog stories that tells about the customer's life problem. Usually in the dialog, the player who act as an barista will gives a message or quotes to the customers.



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